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Hello My Fellow Bookaholic's! 

My name is Mishelle! I'm 24 and have an amazing daughter Hope and very supportive husband. 

I love to read books as much as I can - with a kid who's 1 takes up most of your time - It definitely a stress reliever and I love taking adventures through different fantasy realms to a nice steamy love romance!  

I'm also a current stay at home mom finished school for Crime Scene Investigation and want to get my degree in creative writing. 

I'm also working on a current novel and hope to publish it soon!

I want to thank you for taking the time in looking through my blog, I know what it's like to be a book lover and get all the juicy details about all the books that are trending, New releases, upcoming releases, Reviews of mine, and Current reads.Most of the books I post I have or books I find interesting to share and hope that you will read! I have a huge passion for books and hope to share everything I love about them and hearing how much you like the book or even how much you want to read it! I love everything ROMANCE I love all kinds from tragic, BDSM, Billionaire, Tattooed Bad Boys, Shifter, doctor, pornstar, Biker, Rockstar, Demons/Angels , or just plain and simple romance. So you will see a ton of those. But I also have a love for Paranormal books: Shifter, Vampire, witches, strange powers, Fantasy, and YA. There might be more that I forgot. 

I also love to listen to music while I read and write its something I can't go without because it puts me in the zone! So if you want to hear any of the music I have go to my playlist page on my blog where I add music everyday that inspire my writing or song I believe goes well with the books I read! 

If you have a problem with any of the books I post just a reminder I post anything to everything and they have "WARNINGS" so I am not responsible for it. So if it comes to you not liking anything then I am sorry you feel that way and it would be best you not follow or look through my Pages/Posts.

Do you have a passion for books like I do? Do you love a good book that will take you on a adventure or world full of steamy passion, to be inspired or just in the mood to have book that will have you using a whole roll of tissues because your crying so hard?

 Well, this is the page for you!

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