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Want to stay up to date on new releases, sales,
Reviews of books that make my heart race, have a beautiful love story, and a happy ending?

On my page only post reviews of books I recommend to my followers or Received ARC's from the authors I follow or might have contacted me. My Ratings will range from 3-5 stars.

Feel free to follow me on Goodreads page to stay updated on the books I add to my lists, Facebook to stay updated on my blog posts or Giveaways from authors I follow, I also have TSU, Google+, and Tumblr for a more extensive list of my ratings! 

Be WARNED most of my posts will be books meant for 18+, I'm a big fan of Romance and Dark books but not to worry I will be putting warnings on each post if it comes to that, I am NOT responsible for a post if there is a warning and you didn't read it. I check to make sure before I publish a post that I put a warning on it for readers who need to 18+ to read.  

My pages will consist of a little bit of everything. I will also have books for younger eyes as well. My posts should reach the eyes of ages 15+

I hope to hear from everyone about their love for books and any likes or dislikes about any books I might have posted! If their are any books you love please feel free to recommend them to me through my Goodreads or PM me if you'd like me to recommend a book for you this includes (authors and readers alike) If you are an author and wish for me to read a book for a review and share it on my blog please email me which is listed on the bottom of this page! If you like to check out my other pages check out my  "ABOUT ME" I have all my pages listed there! 

Also Subscribe me so you don't miss any updates I'll be posting about any of the books I've come across and read and reviews you don't miss!

any concerns regarding any posts please email me and not post it on my pages.

Thank you!!!  

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